Coffee Coffee Cake

I always feel a bit sentimental with the end of anything (like most people, I think), but especially with the end of the year. It's a great time for reflection. This past year went by so quickly. I know it's cliché, but when I think about 2012, it's actually like a big blur. I can recall bits and pieces of successes, failures, happier times, and sadder moments. I learned a lot about who I (think I) am, and who I want to be. I'm not ready for 2012 to leave.

Sometimes, but especially today, I feel as if people have injected too much symbolism and meaning behind New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. It's a new beginning! It's a fresh start! Blahblahblah. I'm not ready to say goodbye to 2012. I'm not ready to have more time pass by. I'm certainly not ready to start writing 2013 on all my homework assignments!

When I was in grade 7 (that was in 07/08... whaaaaat), my class had a guitar unit. One of the songs we learned was Closing Time by Semisonic. Most (if not all) of us hadn't heard the song before, but I instantly fell in love with it. It's become a tradition of mine to listen to Closing Time as the last song of the year.

Interestingly enough, a bunch of my classmates from grade 7 are graduating with me in my high school program and at the end of our grad write-ups for my school's yearbook, we quoted part of Closing Time.

Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze

Time passes way too quickly. It's almost the end of 2012! My parents have always told me that time is precious, but as an 8 year old, the concept of time only went to the extent of "I want to stay up later!". I used to want to be an adult really badly so I could get a cool job, stay up later, but mostly drive a car. Isn't that why most kids want to be an adult?

I think it's funny how as a child, I was consumed by thoughts of wanting to do things that only adults could do but now as I approach adulthood, I want to remain a carefree (well, carefree in the context of not worrying about weird adulty stuff) child. In about half a year, I will be graduating from high school. Me? I still struggle to fathom the idea that I am in grade 12. I don't think it has fully hit me yet that next year, I'll possibly be going to university. I won't be going to my high school and seeing the same (lovely) people every day. I still have so much I want to do in high school. I guess I'll have to get it all done these next few months.

I've been talking about wanting cinnamon rolls for weeks as if I expected them to magically fall down from a tree. When I'm on YouTube, I nearly always have to watch videos of people making cinnamon rolls. I'm addicted. I decided to stop being lazy and make myself some cinnamon rolls for a rainy Saturday (then again, almost every Saturday is rainy here... sigh).

I'm quite picky when it comes to certain things and cinnamon rolls happen to be one of those things. I think cinnamon rolls should only be baked in a square or rectangular pan because I feel like circular cinnamon rolls are ugly. Brown sugar should only be used in the filling and not some combination of brown sugar and white sugar. The cinnamon should be mixed with the sugar for the filling and not carelessly just dumped on after the sugar. There needs to be a significant amount of ground cinnamon, not just a wimpy teaspoon of it. Finally, there needs to be a glaze, not a frosting! I think that's all. I'm a needy person sometimes. Or all the time.


Mocha Cake with Coffee Frosting

WARNING: This cake is delicious, decadent, delectable, divine, and deadly (yay alliteration!).
Don't faint yet, but feel free to after you eat a slice! And yes, this is a super quick and easy one bowl cake recipe!

I hardly felt 16, and now I'm already 17. I still feel like I'm 14 or 15 years old; I wish I were because it was nice not having to worry about university or scholarships... or life. I guess I used to like birthdays more because being older seemed cool. It's not really as cool now, so I don't like to make a big deal about my birthday. Wow, this post has just been a big ball of sadness so far, LOL. Here's a happy song to balance this post out.

I didn't do much on my birthday because I like to keep it pretty low-key. I guess that didn't really work because people at school sang happy birthday and wished me a happy birthday throughout the day, which was really sweet. I managed to get into contact with some official city people about starting up a community garden in my local park, and it seems like a possibility for 2013! That's enough of a birthday present right there! After school, I removed some nasty Himalayan blackberry with my friends' eco club. I actually really enjoy invasive species removal, so I did it on my birthday. After I came home, I was dead tired and I managed to sleep for 15 hours. I don't even know how. I really like sleep, so I guess it was a much needed gift to myself!