Asian Noodles with Tofu & Bok Choy

I have a rubbish immune system. Look at me using the word rubbish... I should be British or something.

A few days after getting over the first nasty virus, I caught another one. Either that or the previous one was hanging out and decided to have a little more fun in my body. Fun for the virus and not for me because sneezing and feeling tired is the last thing I need. I'm busy... I don't have time for a dumb virus!

My mom blamed it on the fact that I wasn't wearing weather-appropriate clothing yesterday... except the cold is caused by a virus so that kind of doesn't make any sense. I wonder if it's just a tactic parents use to get their children to wear more layers.

I made this dish when I was sick... I knew I wanted something salty, and I was craving noodles... Hence soy sauce and noodles! I really don't know how to cook, so I guess this is episode 1 of Henri Pretends To Know How To Cook. I really should know how to cook because I've watched way too many hours of cooking shows, but when instructions tell me to cook something on low heat, I don't really know what that is on my stove... I need exact instructions, yo.

After cooking this dish, I realized I couldn't taste anything. Sad life. Until I actually bother to try to make this again, I don't really know how it tastes... so uh, this post is more for me than anything.

P.S. I totally had no clue what to call this post... clearly.


Whole Wheat Pancakes

Hi! How are you? Good? Good.

I'm still alive, although I guess nobody would really know that because I last posted almost a month ago. Geez, time passes by way too quickly.

I'm sick right now with a cold. Colds are the best. I love viruses. (PS, I'm being sarcastic.) I caught this nasty virus after standing in the cold, pouring rain watching my school's senior ultimate team. I was only going to watch for a few minutes before returning inside, but I ended up staying and holding an umbrella for the shivering ultimate players... And it's not like I can just walk inside because then the poor ultimate players would be freezing. So I stayed out for nearly an hour and 30 minutes... holding an umbrella... standing close to other shivering and wet people... trying to stay warm...

And that's how you catch a cold. Because you feel bad for other people who might end up getting a cold but don't end up getting a cold because their immune systems don't suck.

I've been super busy, although I suppose I use that excuse for everything nowadays. :P Tons has happened and I'll update again once I'm feeling a little bit better. I promise.

I don't really have the brainpower to write, but I figured I'd post these pancakes because I'm bored just laying on my couch watching nothing exciting on TV.