Blueberry Crumb Bars

Hi, my name is Henri and I'm a university student. Weird.

I started university this past Tuesday. I wasn't really nervous or anything the night before. Actually, I wasn't really nervous at all which is weird because I don't really consider myself a super social person? I had this laser focus for all my courses. I figured that the whole making friends thing would just somehow happen.

I didn't really talk to anyone the first few days... There wasn't really an opportunity to get to know people during lectures or anything, so I went the first few days with little social interaction with new people (I did have one friend from high school, so it wasn't that big of a deal). Apparently it's hard to make new friends when everyone else has their entire high school friend group in all their courses...

I made a goal to talk to someone I didn't know every day. And it worked pretty well. I made a few acquaintances (but nobody was best friend material because my friends are all sarcastic turds, and I'm apparently able to judge whether someone is best friend material within a few minutes).